Welcome to the Symposium on

Synthetic and Systems Biology

that will take place from

September 12th 2022 to September 14th 2022

In the Learning Planet Institute, Paris



BioSynSys 2022

We are delighted to welcome you to this new edition of the BioSynSys Symposium of synthetic and systems biology, from September 12th to 14th 2022 which will take place at the Learning Planet Institute in Paris.



Program of the symposium is now online :





Book of abstracts: 




This year the symposium will be organized around 6 plenary sessions and 2 satellite workshops :


Plenary sessions :

  • Prokaryotics Synthetic Biology 
  • Ethics and educations  
  • Eukaryotic Synthetic biology
  • Molecular programming and systems biology
  • Natural product discovery and metabolic engineering
  • Cell-free synthetic biology and Build-a-cell


Satellite Workshops:

  • iGEM France presentations
  • Synthetic Biology of Lactic Acid Bacteria


Abstracts submissions guidelines

  • Guidelines for Oral or Poster presentation


Oral presentation:

Call for abstract is now closed

Selected oral presentations should last 20 minutes, including time for questions.

Non selected oral presentations may be switched to a poster presentation with the consent of the author.

For invited Keynote speakers: presentation time will be 30 minutes including questions, please fill up the same submission form as for oral presentation. 


Poster presentation: 

You must submit your abstract for a poster presentation by September 9 at 6pm

Your poster must fit in A0 format: 84.1 x (width) x 118.9 cm (height).

Adhesives or fasteners for the display will be provided by the organizers.




  • Satellite Workshop submission type : Short talk 


Worshop - iGEM :

Call for abstract is now closed

iGEMer's presentations will last 10 minutes + 5 minutes of questions.



Workshop - Synthetic Biology of lactic acid bacteria:

The workshop will articulate around 2 sections: Tools for lactic acid bacteria engineering and Applications of recombinant lactic acid bacteria.

Call for abstract is now closed.

Selected oral presentations should last 12 minutes, including time for questions.


Registration guidelines

Registrations modalities :


Registration to the symposium is free but MANDATORY.

Registration to the BioSynSys symposium will be open until September 9 at 6pm.






If any issues about registration or questions please contact us at this email address:



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